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Gallagher’s Rug & Carpet Care is Tigard’s most trusted & certified rug and carpet cleaning team. Delivering excellent customer service and guaranteed results.

How long has it been since you’ve cleaned the carpets in your Tigard, OR home or condo? The carpet cleaning experts at Gallagher’s Rug & Carpet Care are here to help! While we’re based out of Portland, OR, we travel throughout the metro area and are ready to clean your Tigard carpets!

At Gallagher’s Rug & Carpet care, we’re very proud to provide the very best carpet cleaning services available in the Tigard area!

Gallagher’s Tigard Carpet Cleaning Services

Our philosophy is that preventive carpet cleaning and care is the best way to maximize the lifespan of your carpets. When we work with Tigard homeowners, we usually recommend regular carpet cleanings. But we also provide on-demand emergency stain and odor removal services. If you live in the Tigard area, our carpet cleaning technicians can create a carpet cleaning schedule just for you! We will create a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

Your carpets will thank you!

Our carpet cleaning services feature:


  1. Pre-Clean Walk-Thru

    Correctly identifying your needs is important to us! Every appointment begins with a walk-thru of the areas to be cleaned. Our experienced technicians will assist you in better understanding areas of concern, as well as pre-existing conditions, in order to develop a customized service plan for you. Your carpeted areas will be measured for accuracy and a price will be determined.

  2. Pre-Vacuum

    If needed, a thorough vacuuming will be done to remove any loose particles before applying pre-spray treatments.

  3. Pre-Spray Treatments

    Our pre-spray treatments are designed to loosen dust, dirt, and debris that has embedded in your carpet. We are especially mindful of those found in the Portland metro area, including Beaverton.

  4. Stain Treatments

    Stains happen. Kids track mud in from outside. Pets have accidents. Food, wine, and juice get spilled. Every stain is different. By creating a customized pre-stain formula specific to each stain, our expert technicians can actually break down the chemical bonds between the stain and your carpet fibers, removing or minimizing the deepest of stains.

  5. Odor Removal

    Your carpet won’t just look cleaner. Our cleaners also improve your overall carpet hygiene by neutralizing smells and destroying micro-organisms through the application of a special enzyme deodorizer.

  6. Hot Water Extraction / Particulate Removal

    Hot water extraction is an important step in our carpet cleaning process. It involves thoroughly rinsing your carpet with filtered and conditioned hot water from our HydraMaster system (which is considerably hotter than a carpet cleaning machine you might rent at a store). This flushes the dirt, stains, and cleaning products out of your carpet, leaving it soft, fresh, and clean. You’ll simply love the result!

  7. *Fabric Protection*

    For an additional fee, we offer Scotchgard protection that will reduce future staining and wear caused by friction from accumulated debris. Ask your Technician for more information about this preventative service that will extend the life of your carpeting.

  8. Grooming

    The extraction process will leave a “sawtooth” appearance to your carpets. Raking will reset the carpet fibers for a nice smooth finish.

  9. Final Walk-Thru

    Our technicians will walk through the cleaned areas to make sure they’ve attended to all the issues discussed during the Pre-clean walk-thru. They will also make recommendations for continued care so you can enjoy your newly revived carpets for as long as possible.


Other Services Available in Tigard

  1. Rug Cleaning

    Do your rugs get the care they need? Most rugs aren’t cleaned often enough! Cleaning your heirloom rugs frequently helps protect them against stains and helps them last longer, too.

    We can pick-up and deliver your rugs to any address in the Tigard area! But If you’d prefer to bring them to our Portland location yourself, we’ll offer you a discount! Learn More >

  2. Residential Pet Urine Removal

    Even the best behaved and trained pets have accidents. Our technicians are able to remove pet urine odors and stains from any carpet, rug, or upholstered surface. They use specially formulated enzyme treatments that are designed to attack, break down, and eliminate urine stains! Learn More >

  3. Residential Upholstery Cleaning

    High-quality upholstered furniture demands high-quality care. Our expert upholstery cleaning technicians can remove stains, spots, and smells from any fabric or surface. Learn More >


5-Star Service in Tigard 

Your happiness and satisfaction are our number one priorities! We’re proud to have received 200 (and counting!) 5-star Yelp reviews, plus many more outstanding reviews on Facebook and Google.


  • Gallagher’s cleaned our hallway and living room. Our dog had an accident the other day and we wanted it professionally cleaned. They came about 10 minutes early, which was great and was fast and efficient. We haven't seen our carpet in such great condition since we moved in!

    - Marissa Z.
  • Truly excellent service from start to finish. Every single staff member I spoke to was friendly and helpful. When I picked up my rug, the gentleman who cleaned it unrolled it for me to show me his work. He was almost as excited as I was about the incredible transformation! What had been mostly shades of brown was now a beautiful array of green, purple, burgundy and beige. I will definitely be back with more filthy rugs!

    -Kate S.
  • Gallagher’s did a fantastic job on our carpets and upholstery. Our technician was personable and efficient. Thank you Nathan, our carpets look brand new!!!

    -Kath T.


Remember, if you're not completely happy with our work, just let us know. We'll go the extra mile to make things right!


green carpet cleaning tigard


Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer “Green” Carpet Cleaning?

Yes, we do! Our technicians can use a variety of eco-friendly carpet cleaning products, that they are happy to discuss with you.

You Should Know: While eco-friendly carpet cleaning products have improved a lot in recent years, they’re still not quite as effective as commercial strength products. At Gallagher’s Rug & Carpet Care, we want to offer you the perfect balance of sustainability and great results. 

The products we use have a minimal impact on the environment-- but are still very effective. Combined with the work and skill of our technicians, we’ll make sure your carpets receive the safest, most effective cleaning available in Tigard.

How Long Does it Take for a Carpet to Dry?

We know you’re looking forward to being able to enjoy your beautiful, clean carpets. That’s why we use fast drying treatments. Your carpets will dry in about 2-4 hours-- depending on the time of year. In wetter, colder months, it may take as long as 6-8 hours for your carpets to dry fully.

How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

It really depends! Your carpet’s manufacturer may recommend a cleaning every year or so. Generally, we suggest more frequent cleaning to minimize odors, increase your carpet’s longevity, and keep your home fresh and clean!


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