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Our state-of-the-art cleaning facility and certified rug cleaning staff in Portland, Oregon are here to help you get your rugs looking like new. Learn more!

Rug Cleaning shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all process. We know that no two rugs are alike, that is why we hand wash each and every rug that is brought into our Portland rug cleaning facility. Our customized rug cleaning uses a multi-step process to ensure your rugs are cleaned with the highest level of integrity and care. 

Our conveniently located facility in the heart of S.E Portland makes rug cleaning in PDX easy and hassle-free. Just pull into our private lot on 826 SE Belmont St. and one of our friendly staff will unload your rug. 

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The Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-Clean Inspection

    Our rug cleaning process begins with a thorough inspection of your rugs to evaluate stains and odor issues, heavy traffic areas, the types of fibers and dyes used in your rugs, potential repair issues, and any other factors that may determine how we approach the rug cleaning process. During inspection, we identify potential issues and concerns you should be aware of before we begin, and we provide you an exact quote for the cleaning.

  2. Dust Removal

    Removing the fine particles embedded deep within your rug fibers is a critical (and often overlooked) step in preserving the health and cleanliness of your area rugs. Over time, these particles can grind away at rug fibers causing unseen damage, which is why we thoroughly dust every rug using specialized equipment before we wash it, removing the sediments conventional vacuuming and in-home rug cleaning fail to extract. 

  3. Rug Washing

    On our state-of-the-art wash floor, our master rug cleaners use a variety of techniques and tools to customize the washing phase for each rug. This process may include:

    Cleaning Formula Customization: We create customized rug cleaning formulas to target the specific types of stains and soiling present in your rugs, taking extra precaution to avoid potential bleeding and dye transfer issues. 

    Pet Urine Removal: Rugs with pet urine stains and odors are often submerged or thoroughly rinsed in our enzyme solution to neutralize odor causing agents and unlock stains. There is simply no better method to clean pet urine in rugs.  

  4. Controlled Drying

    After washing, rugs are moved to drying racks or dried flat in our environmentally-controlled drying area. This allows us to control humidity and temperature to ensure that rugs dry at the ideal rate in an uncontaminated environment. 

  5. Pile Correction

    Everyday wear can cause the pile of a rug to distort, creating a cloudy or uneven texture. We will card the pile of the rug to smooth and soften the rug's surface. This will make your handmade wool rugs shine!

  6. Post-Clean Inspection

    To conclude the rug cleaning process, we perform a post-clean inspection on all rugs before they leave our facility. At this time, we look for any unresolved issues and make note of anything that should be discussed with you when your rugs are returned. 


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