Environmentally Friendly Rug and Carpet Cleaning

Looking for a sustainable rug or carpet cleaning company that truly cares about the environment in Portland?
At Gallagher's Rug and Carpet Care we take pride in the fact that our green rug and carpet cleaning is proven safe for everyone, including children, pets, and individuals with allergies. We use product that meets the Environmental Choice Criteria for both Canada and the United States.
Are you concerned that your carpet can hold all sorts of contaminants such as dust mites, bacteria, foul odors, harmful organisms, and literally pounds of dirt? We can help!
We start every service with powerful vacuuming through our Pro Team Hepa filter system. Then we use truck mounted equipment to ensure that you are receiving the best rug, carpet and upholstery service for the money. EPA sponsored studies in the late 1990’s clearly showed that the hot water from a truck-mounted system significantly reduced the level of harmful microorganisms in carpet. It works by using very hot solution pressure to agitate and create a flushing action to separate the soils from the fiber. Then it is extracted and removed from your home. At Gallagher’s we strictly maintain all of our tools and equipment to ensure maximum cleaning results with minimal waste to the environment. Call us today for a free estimate and be sure to ask about our green rug cleaning and carpet cleaning options!

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