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No more smells! Our carpet deodorization services removes pet odors, smoke, mold & more. 80+ 5-star Yelp Reviews! Call 503.477.4097 for a free estimate.

Gallagher's rug deodorization and carpet deodorization process removes any unwanted odors that may be lingering in your rug and carpet fibers, including pet urine. Our odor elimination system uses triple action cleaning to eliminate odors at their source, restoring your rug and carpet to it's original fresh scent. We add a specially formulated application of our sanitizing spray directly after the soil lifter pre-spray. Once this agent is applied, the bacteria and odor elimination process begins.

Common Odor Elimination Issues

  1. Pets and Pet Urine

    Even the best-trained pets have occasional accidents. Cleaning that accident might make things look better, but the lingering odor causing bacteria often remain in the rug and carpet. Gallagher's deodorizing service gets your home smelling fresh again by killing the harmful bacteria and destroying the odor at its source. 

  2. Smoke

    Gallagher’s thorough hot water extraction cleaning process, combined with deodorizer and triple action stain agents, will complete your smoke restoration project.

  3. Mold and Musty Odors

    This is an issue caused by excessive moisture, something we are very familiar with here in the Pacific Northwest! Our cleaning and deodorization process effectively removes most mold and must odors.

  4. Other Odors

    Have a new and unwanted odor? Gallagher's team of specialists give you the best possible chance to eliminate that odor for good!


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